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Citroen Warranty

Every new Citroën comes with a three-year, sixty-thousand mileage (one hundred thousand for commercial vehicles) , fully transferable warranty. This guarantees:

• We will repair or replace, free of charge, any faulty parts covered by the warranty
• Warranty support covers unlimited mileage in the first two years and is limited to 60K miles (100K miles on commercial vehicles) in the third year
• If you buy a Citroën less than three years old the warranty will transfer to you

For the first 12 years of your car’s life (5 years for commercial vehicles), your vehicle is protected for corrosion (rust) by our anti-perforation warranty no matter how many miles you cover. The anti-perforation warranty covers the repair or replacement of components acknowledged to be faulty by Citroën. Terms and Conditions apply.

We will rectify any manufacturing defects in the paintwork within three years of your Citroën first being registered.

Citroën Berlingo Electric and Citroën C Zero electric vehicles have varying warranty periods for the traction battery and drive train dependent on date of registration.   Please consult the vehicle maintenance book for full details of the warranty cover.

Our new generation of electric vehicles delivered from 2020 offer an eight-year, one hundred-thousand mileage, fully transferable traction battery warranty, covering performance to 70% of original battery capacity.

Please consult the vehicle maintenance book for full details of the warranty cover